Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited

Founded on October 8th, 1952 by Mr. B. L. Hua whom at that time was the Chairman of Thai-China trading company, he shifted to the insurance business with the intention of providing coverage for all since insurance plays such an important part in people’s lives and well-being.


To provide the best insurance coverage for all Thais and to become the most trusted service in the country


  • To build the company that has unbeatable financial strength and conducts a fair, ethical business model.
  • To provide plans that are affordable, accessible and most of all, plans that will lower the risks of damages for all.
  • To serve with standards, thrives for customers’ satisfaction and partnerships that are legitimate and honorable.  


  • 1951- 1957
    Started the business in the year 1951 with the initial investment of 10 million baht, built the first office in Bangkok and opened it as the headquarter, located on the second floor of the B. L. Hua Building at the corner of Wat Tungg intersection. In the beginning, only the fire insurance and the marine insurance were available.
  • 1958 - 1967
    Conducted a fair and sincere business, so it gained a well-received reputation everywhere. This made the business grew continuously which led to expansions of services that served even more people.
  • 1968- 1977
    Continued with the plan which was to provide motor insurance and miscellaneous insurance plans, this made the relocation of the headquarter to Sindhorn Building possible in the year 1974. This provided more space for the employees and showed continuous growth of services and business.
  • 1978- 1987
    New technologies like the computers were introduced into the workplace to further promote efficiency in the year 1980. Also in the year 1984, radios were introduced as part of the motor insurance service which created convenience and promptness in operation. New offices were also opened in Chonburi, Rachaburi, Saraburi and Nakorn Rachasrima.
  • 1988-1997
    Received the Hi-Tech Award in services in the year 1989 with great pride as a result of dedication and determination to deliver the best services possible. Also entered the stocks market as an independent company in the year 1991 and relocated to the Thaivivat Building in Din Deang the year after.
  • 1998 - 2007
    Happy and proud to announce the company’s 50th anniversary and decided to give back to all the supporters by launching the “Thaivivat Privilege Program” to help cancer patients by started a funding organisation called “50 years with Thaivivat Insurance” and also started a Thaivivat charity to provide community service all over the country.
  • 2008 - present
    Continued to be the top in providing accessible coverage, creating confidence from the customers with “Thaivivat Smart Solution” which brings in the GPS technology to track the movements of the services. Combined with the mobile tracking system that sends out signals to notify the location of where help is needed and helicopter services to better relocate the patients, Thaivivat has gained the confidence of Thais everywhere when it comes to fast and precise services. In the year 2010, a health insurance credit card was launched to provide quick and easy service for the customers when it comes to paying their medical expenses.